Prudence Crandall

The Forbidden School

Prudence Crandall and the Fight for Equality

Prudence Crandall came from a Quaker family in Rhode Island. She taught school in Plainfield Connecticut, and then moved to Canterbury Connecticut and opened a private girl's boarding school. A problem came about when Miss Crandall admitted an African-American student into her school. After the commotion, Prudence closed the school and opened a private boarding school just for African-American females. This caused an even larger conflict with the townspeople.

The 5 W's of the School and Crandall

The School:

When- School opened April 11833-September 1834

Where- Canterbury Connecticut

What- The townspeople forced the closure of Crandall's school

Who- Prudence Crandall and the townspeople

Why- The townspeople were racist and beliveved the African-American girls school would degrade their town

Prudence Crandall:

Was born September 3 1803 in Rhode Island and died January 28th 1890 in Elks Falls

Where Canterbury Connecticut

She opened a school for African-American girls, leading them down an educated path to the workforce because she believed that the school was for good, but the community disagreed.

Deep Thinking

The event has affected women that have followed by allowing other schools for African-Americans to open. This allows for African American girls to get educated and join the work force as competent members of society.

If this event had never happened Aferican American Women wouldn't have rights and wouldn't have approprate jobs.

This has affected me because if this hadn't happened I most likely wouldn't have African-American friends or understand or learn about different heritages. -Katie

Without Prudence Crandall my education would not be as advanced as it is, we wouldn't be learning about African Americans or other cultures if the were deemed insignifigant. She bettered my education even hundreds of years later.-Betsy

As a half African American woman, I wouldn't be able to suceed in life without Prudance Crandalls contribution to society. I couldn't get an education.-Barbara


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