By : Gabrielle White


In 1997 Wilmot Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph create Netflix . First they started doing DVD rentals, then in 1998 April 14 the Netflix website goes live . 2002 Netflix goes live in the stock exchange . After that Netflix reached 1 million subscribers .When they then reached 2004 Marc Randolph retired from Netflix.Then when 2008 came Netflix joined with Microsoft to provide movie services for the Xbox 360.2010 Fortune magazine names Wilmot Reed Hastings 2010 business person of the year .September 2011 Netflix announces a split in the DVD and streaming services but then Netflix changed its mind about splitting into two services .

progress of Netflix

After Wilmot Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph start Netflix in 1997 the Netflix website goes live in April 14,1998 .Then Netflix launches its subscription service on September 23 .Netflix goes public on stock exchange in 2002 .Netflix offers watch instantly,an online streaming service .2008 they join with Microsoft to provide movie services to Xbox 360 users .Finally in 2010 Reed Hastings wins Fortune magazine business person of the year.

Wilmot Reed Hastings co - owner of Netflix

Wilmot Reed Hastings was born October 8 ,1960 Belmont ,Massachusetts .He attended Bowdoin college in Brunswick ,Maine.Then he joined the peace corps and teached math in Africa in 1983 . Reed Hastings graduated from Stanford University in California with a master's degree in computer science .He started pure software 1991 in October .IN 1997 he sells Pure Atria and starts Netflix with Marc Randolph .
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Marc Randolph co - owner of Netflix

Marc Randolph was born 1958 ,April 29 he graduated from Hamilton college in Clinton New York in 1981 .Marc Randolph joins the staff at pure Atria Software .Then in 2004 Marc Randolph retires from Netflix .
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impact on society

Netflix has an important impact on society because tons of people today can watch their favorite shows, movies and more for only a monthly fee . That's why since 1997 Netflix has been really popular and making changes ,updates and putting more on Netflix so people can watch it more .Netflix also benefits everyone because the company gets paid with all the monthly fees coming through and the people can watch what they want.

Important / influential person from company

Marc Randolph and Wilmot reed hasting Jr. are important people because they came up with the idea Netflix and do even more things to improve it like combining Netflix with other companies so they would be able to watch things that were created by those companies and both of the co - owners come up with new ideas for Netflix and more.

product /company

Netflix was created in 1997 by Wilmot Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph .It first started out by doing DVD rentals Then offering live streaming ,joining Microsoft and becoming really popular .Even today Netflix is popular because they offer a lot of things that most people like like movies ,shows ,series,short episodes .And Netflix offers even more than that .