Technology Purchasing Decisions

for the Graphic Designer, Sales Rep, and Cashier

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The Cashier

The technology choice for the cashier was a P.O.S. bundle by Intuit, Quickbooks Point of Sale, which offered a variety of software and hardware for the basic, capable P.O.S. system, for a reasonable price. A modern, capable, but simple technological platform was best suited for this small business, and this particular P.O.S. package also offered optional upgrades for a more advanced system.
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The Sales Representative

The sales rep definitely needed a good mobile phone. It became clear that a smartphone would be the best choice, in addition to a hands-free Bluetooth device. Samsung provided the smartphone, in its Galaxy Note 4. It allowed for powerful processing, extra storage, a long battery charge, and all the bells and whistles one expects from a smartphone, including GPS for the sales rep's varied travels. It also boasted excellent security features, including a fingerprint scanner to unlock the phone, and the My Knox app, which allowed for personal management of the phone's data, and accommodated the separation of personal and professional data, as well as remote engagement of the device, in the case of its loss or theft. The phone priced at $800 out of the door, or $300 with a two-year contract. The Bluetooth device of choice was Plantronics' Voyager Legend, retailing between $78.69 and $99.99. It delivered superior audio quality and comfort.
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The Graphic Designer

The technology choices for the graphic designer were a desktop computer by Lenovo and a digital SLR camera by Canon. The desktop, a Lenovo Mg3p, provided a superior processor, and an impressive storage capacity of 32GB and 2TB. It also provided maximum security and allowed for regular updates. A powerful computer was necessary to the graphic designer's technology requirements, and a stationary computer was more practical than a laptop. The price for this computer was $779.99. The Canon EOS 70D bundle included the digital camera, a mid-range focus lens and a long-range focus lens. The bundle also included cables, SD cards, and camera cleaning supplies. The package retailed for $2,000. Let's hope this designer has a penchant for photography!
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