The holocaust

what was the holocaust?

what was the holocaust?

The Holocaust was a unique event in 20th century. Adolf Hitler seized power in 1933, It began with discrimination of the Jews, then the Jews were separated from their communities and persecuted put in concentration camps and finally they were treated as less than human beings and murdered.

where did the holocaust take place?

In general, the Holocaust happened in Germany and in Eastern Europe. The victims of the Holocaust were gathered from across Europe, but most of the actual killing was done in parts of Eastern Europe that had been taken over by the Germans during World War II.

how did the holocaust start?

The Holocaust started gradually. After centuries of hatred towards anti-Judaism which led to racial anti-Semitism, which resulted in the desire to eliminate the Jews from within Christian lands. The extermination aspect of the Holocaust started in earnest in 1941, after the German invasion of the Soviet Union, when the Germans instituted the systematic process of murdering all Jews.

how did the holocaust end?

The Holocaust ended when Russian, British and American troops invaded Poland and Germany in the final stages of world War 2. This invasion led to the end of the war and Germany capitulating. These troops discovered the extermination camps but the German troops who had been operating them had fled leaving the prisoners to their luck. It ended because the holocaust was an atrocity carried out by the German army and the arrival of the allied armies stopped it immediately.

what was the outcome of the holocaust?

More than 6 million Jews and a like number of non-Jews were killed. Millions more emerged with major injuries and horrific memories. Today there are more living "Schindler Jews" around the world, than Jews in Poland. In 1939, there were 3 million Jews in Poland.