Florida Flight 90


The Crash- There was a winter storm going on. The pilots knew there was ice on the wings. They pulled up to the plane in front of them using the other plane's egsaughst to melt the ice off the wings which was a stupid decision. As they were preparing for lift they noticed there was something wrong with the acceleration. They didn't mind it.

They lifted and the plane began to shake slightly. There was clearly something wrong but they brushed it off and continued to lift. 5 seconds before it was too late the plane began to fall and they began to loose controle. As the plane went down they hit the bridge over the Potomic river. They tipped slightly forward causing them to glide into the ice below and into the river/water below the ice and crash. The plane began to sink. There was only 5 survivors able to be rescued. One died trying, and that was the Flight 90 plane crash from Washington to Florida.