influences of food choices

By joseph shellcrosslee

phsical needs

I eat meats, fruits, and vegetables when I am mostly hunger I eat meats then when I don't feel good I always eat fruits. But when I am trying to get my energy level up I eat vegetables.

Psychological needs

When I am in a good mood I tend to eat cake and when I am in a bad mood I don't really eat anything all I eat are some snack bars and drink tea.

Personal Food Preference

My favorite food is a bean and cheese burrito it taste like heaven and smells like a fresh tortilla beans and melted cheese.

Food Availability

I usually have this food on my birthday and when I go out to eat with my family.

Social settings

I will eat anything from pizza to chili with my friends at lunch or, dinner. At the movies I will eat nachos and popcorn.

Society & Culture

A holiday tradition with my family is we pasta on Christmas eve turkey on thanksgiving and ham on easter