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Week of February 29, 2016


Math- This week we will be continuing to add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers, but extend this work to word problems. We will also extend our work with multiplying whole numbers by fractions to world problems too.

Writing - This week we share our persuasive essays in class. I will also give students the "On Demand" Persuasive Essay assessment.

Science - We will begin our investigations on how energy travels in waves this week.

Social Studies -We will continue our federal government unit this week.

Reading- We should wrap up our Interpretive and Analytic Reading unit this week. We will step away from realistic fiction and step into traditional literature for our last few lessons.

Teacher Notes

March is Reading Month!

There are "A Minion Reasons to Read" this month! I sent home a parent letter about all of our school wide initiatives for March is Reading Month. Coming up this week is "Wear a shirt with words" Day on Wednesday.

M-STEP Practice

The Department of Education has released some practice items for student to use to prepare for the M-STEP. Although we don't take the M-STEP until May, I think that it is beneficial for our kids to start getting comfortable with the test and practicing. Here is the link:

Black History Month

February is Black History Month! We will be exploring the life of an important American scientist, George Washington Carver in class. Despite being born into slavery, George Washington Carver was able to become a scientist, inventor, environmentalist, writer, poet, educator and artist. After reading, discussing and viewing a video about Carver, students will be asked to complete a project of their choice, inspired by an aspect of Carver’s life. This project is to be completed at home, and will be due on March 7th. Parents are invited into the classroom on March 7th at 9:30am to see the presentations.

Projects will also be displayed at Open House... so don't feel pressure to take time off work to come on March 7th!

4th and 5th graders ski free in Michigan!

In case you didn't know...

Math Homework and Remembering Pages

Save this Link! This is a PDF of all of the "Homework and Remembering" Pages. If Fido eats your child's homework, just print off a new page!

Shhhhh... don't tell the students kids, here is a link to the answer key too. This is a great resource to help you check their work each night.