Keeping Up With the Kids


We are now into the month of March. You wouldn't know it with the weather we have been having, but those hot summer days are just around the corner. Please continue to monitor your child's homework and please hold them accountable for it. You have already done second grade homework, they need to be learning that it is their responsibility to start and finish on their own. Of course, extra help is always accepted.

Notes and Tidbits

Please remember that if your child goes home via the carpool, please stay in carpool line. Parking and walking across the carpool line is no longer allowed. If you prefer to do that, please send a note and have your child become a walker. You can walk to pick them up in the back of the building.

3/9-3/13 Spring Break

3/12 Chick -fil-a 6-9p.m.

3/19 OPEN HOUSE- rescheduled

3/21 Carnival 10-3

3/30-4/2 STAAR testing. (no visitors)

3/27 Kindergarten Round up 9-11 and 1-3

*The PACE letters will be mailed to you on April 22. PACE is PISD's talented and gifted program.

*Please help out with the PTA sponsored Carnival on March 21. They are looking for help to run booths as well as donations for COKE AND CANDY DONATIONS, AND BAKED GOODS FOR THE CAKE WALK.




In math we have been doing a lot with fractions. We have learned 1/2, 1/3. 1/4, 1/8 . We have discussed that fractions are a part of a whole. We have learned how many parts are in a fractional shape and how many we would need to make it a whole shape.

We have a new warm-up and we are really excited to watch the children grow with it. It is called TARGET MATH and it is a system that is cylical and will cover the same mathematical concepts every couple of weeks. The numbers and the level of difficulty change but the concept does not. This will help them solidify mathematical language, review concepts on a review basis, allow for repeated practice for those who still need it. It's a Win- Win situation.


Please work with your child on remembering the pattern of the spelling words instead of just memorizing them.


We continue to grow sentences with adjectives and adverbs as we write. We continue to review comprhension strategies each week, we have learned about pronouns and contractions.


We are starting our units on science and we will be learning and doing all at the same time!!!!