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Villas Sant Pere Pescador

If you're traveling to Catalonia, Spain, during the fast-approaching vacations, a great option would be a villa rental in the charming little township of Sant Pere Pescador. Lapped by the deep-blue waves of the gentle Mediterranean Sea and blessed with year-round sunshine and pleasant weather, Sant Pere Pescador is located on the banks of the River Fluvia which flows into the sea and provides the surrounding areas with rich agricultural land.

Sant Pere Pescador is also steeped in history, with its picturesque church that dates back to the 17th century, 19th century mansion of the aristocratic Caramany family and the simple but charming Chapel of San Sebastian. The pretty beach of Sant Pere Pescador is small but very clean and well-maintained, dotted by sand-dunes and clumps of sea-grasses. Kite-surfing, wind-surfing, catamaran, kayaking and beach-volleyball are some of the activities here, apart from plenty of areas for a little quiet rest and relaxation. This beach is also great for families with children and seniors, as it is easily accessible and sheltered, with relatively shallow waters.

The best accommodation option here would be a villa rental, as it offers a wonderful mix of privacy, fun and frolic, cost-sharing, flexibility and an authentic experience of life as it is lived in this small village. If you're opting for a self-catering villa, you get the chance to shop in the local markets and supermarkets, to purchase the freshly-caught treasures of the sea, local fruits and vegetables that arrive every morning from the neighborhood farms, delicious local wines and dairy products which are the staple ingredients of Catalan cooking. The neighboring areas are dotted with beautiful apple orchards that supply delicious fruit to the surrounding markets.

Locally pressed olive oils are another specialty. You can also pick up souvenirs and gifts from the local markets including leather-work, ceramics, handicrafts and local sweets. If you're here in summer, the Sant Pere Pescador tourism office organizes nature walks and cycling trips along the River Fluvia with plenty of picnic spots and small eateries to rest and refresh yourselves when you want to. Nature lovers can also travel a small distance to the magnificent nationally-protected Emporda Marshes with their wealth of flora and fauna from near and far.

With a year-round calendar of lively, colorful fiestas beginning with the Feast of San Sebastian in January to the carnival in February and summer nights music festivals throughout summer, there's plenty to see, experience and enjoy in Sant Pere Pescador and a villa rental here would be the perfect spot to come home to after a long and exhausting day of fun!

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