Rosa Parks

A story An unstoppable civil rights activist

On April,12 2014 Rosa Parks earned a statue in her honor! She dedicated her life to fighting for civil rights for African Americans. After many years after the civil rights act passed she was honored with statue of her refusing to give up her seat to a white man in New York City. During this period of time African Americans were miss-treated and thought less of. They weren't even allowed to sit in the front of the bus! But one woman would not stand for it, after another long day of hard work her feet were hurting badly and decided to sit in the front of the bus.At the next stop a white man wanted to take her seat and make her move to the back of the bus, but she wouldn't stand for it! This woman's name is Rosa Parks. She was bold enough and brave enough to stand up for what she believes in that it why she earned this statue.She will be remembered forever because she was unstoppable no matter what!