How Autism Effects Children

By Leona Berhane and Jamie Reyer-DigLit 1/6/16 Pd 2

Why Chose This

Autism is a mojor disorder of the brain delopment. This will effect their social interactions, communication, and verbal skills. If a child has autism they won't have every diagnosis, every child is different. 1 out of every 150 kids get autism and it is four times more commmon in boys then girls. Scientists think autism may be caused by food allergies, immunization, or environmental toxis, but know one knows for sure. Our cousins have autism so we want to learn about their life and sturggles, so we asked ourself, "How does autism affect the way children interact with others?"

What Does Autism Affect?

Autism affects the way children learn and socialize. They can easily get distracted by loud and colorful objects and won't pay attetion/learn from their suurondngs. Since they can't communicate, they will find it challenging to make friends and will become less independent. Unlike most kids, these children don't start mimicing what their parents do, so instead they imitate what other people say without knowing what it means. They won't use facial expressions to show the way the feel and can't tell how others feel. Auitsm can confuse the child so when they act happy the could be sad and the other way around. Talking is one of the hardest things for an autistic child to do. They mix up words or won't talk in full sentences so it is better to only have one-on-one contact. These kids will reapeat body movements such as rocking, pacing, and/or jumping around.

Charts and Maps

"There needs to be alot more emphasis on what a child can do instead of what he cannot do" - Dr. Temple Grandin

The video

This video shows how you can see the signs of autism. They tell you the signs of autism such as how babies around 5 months old tend to aviod giving eye contact to their parents.

Inspiring Stories

A single mom with autism spectrum disorder is working hard to raise her two boys who are on the spectrum line. Since the kid's autism is not as severe as the mother's, they all speak and act differently making it hard to communicate to one another. For example, the mom thinks more sternly but the boys are more creative. It's hard to build a realationship when it's like you don't even know the person, yet she trys to make it work and now slowly became very close to her boys.

Another success story is from a guy named Andy. Andy had autism, too, so it became difficult to talk and re ad. He eventually he got asperger syndrome menaing he had problems expressign his feelings and hated attention. "I did not utter my first word till I was 5 years of age and even then I only repeated line from TV shows.", Andy said. He soon found real friends but still tried so hard to fit in. He spent all his free tiime at home and was scared to leave the house. After a couple of years he got the support that he needed and enjoyed a happy life.

What Does the Future Hold? Can They Recover?

Children with autims can learn to thrive at home/community by special programs. Every child can recover on their wn time, but as they get older it becomes harder. Most people can't be completely free of autism ,but the disorder won't be as severedepending on the way you function. They can get normal jobs as long as they have training, like everybody else, and is in a nuturing environment. After the person becomes 22 the government can no longer provide services, so they most live on their own hopefully with help from their family.