Carrie Underwood

A biography by: Jersey Bish

Basic Information/early childhood

Full Name- Carrie Marie Underwood

She is a song writer, singer, and a television actress.

Carrie's birth date is March 10, 1983. (age 32)

She went to Northeastern State university.

Birthplace- Muskogee,Oklahoma

Zodiac sign- Pisces

Underwood has emerged as one of the most popular female performers in country music today. She was born and raised on a farm.

Impact on Society/events that shaped her life

Carrie made the C.A.T.S. Foundation as of giving back to her community.Carrie is a supporter of The Humane Society of the United States and has done alotof public service announcements for the organization. She also supports PETA.She not only supports PETA she also supports the United Service Organization.

Carrie Underwood won the American Idol.

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Career/overcoming obstacles

In less than 10 years, Carrie Underwood has sold 65 million records worldwide.

Carrie both wants for, and fears, being emotionally support with others and experiencing deep emotional closeness. Carrie Underwood is very self-protective and may be disorder secretive.

Why is chose this person/ interesting facts

I chose Carrie Underwood because i love country music and she is really pretty! She hasn't really made any bad choices like " Miley Cyrus".

Carrie Underwood can’t function during the day if she knows her bed is not made. It will be all she thinks about throughout the day until it’s actually made.

A few of her favorites: Actor: Johnny Depp. Actress: Drew Barrymore. TV show: ‘American Idol.’ Food: pizza.


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