1990s, a Continuation of the Past

Historical Connection- Wendy Campos 4A

United States involvement in the Middle East

In October 1956 the Suez crisis marked the end of European imperialism throughout the world. The Suez canal became nationalized and the French and British lost control. Throughout the middle east there were many unstable governments full of corruption because they were so vulnerable after being controlled by the mother country for such along time.

The Persian gulf war began in 1990 when the corrupt government of Saddam Hussein wanted to take over neighboring Kuwait. The United states was forced to intervene in Operation Desert Storm because after World War II the U.S. had joined the United Nations in order to protect the peace of the world.In the UNited Nations the UNited States is recognized as a world power being one of the five permanent seats with veto power in the security Council. From the late 1800s to the early 1900s the United states became a world power and this power came with responsibility. The United states now saw themselves as the World Police. So they tended to involve themselves in the world's problems.

  1. The picture to the right is a map of the Suez Canal and it shows how important it was to trade and why so many people fought to control it.

FDR causes a needed Welfare Reform

President Franklin D. Roosevelt had one of the biggest problems on his hands when he came into office he had to find a way to get the country out of one of the most serious economic depressions the world had ever seen. Through his New Deal policies he hoped to help the country immediately and hopefully in the long term but many of theses reforms had an effect in the long run. The problem with the new deal policies for welfare was that they put no limit on the amount of money that a person could receive. Many people began to see this as the government paying people to be lazy. The welfare reform signed by President Bill Clinton in 1996, limited the time of help to five years. The new welfare reform also changed the way welfare was controlled in FDR's New Deal policies welfare was controlled nationally but the new reform move the power from the federal government to the states

  1. The picture to the left is A Mother of Seven Children by Dorthea Lange, it is one of the most famous pictures from the Great Depression.

Relief After the End of a Time Filled with Tensions

End of the Cold War

The Cold War came to a close in 1991 when the Soviet Union fell. People had lived in fear and uncertainty for almost 50 years. Throughout the war there was the threat of a nuclear war that would end the existence of humankind. Although the war was never really fought both the United States and the Soviet Union spent their time and money trying to out do each other by having more nuclear weapons and more powerful ones.

Both nations lived on the edge of their seats not knowing what could happen next.When the war finally ended it marked the end of an era when the United States focused on mass military spending. The United States could now focus their time and effort on technological innovations and scientific research. During the 90s the internet was invented and people could now own a home computer because they were made compact. This new focus on things other than arms caused a rapid movement of technological innovations that changed the world very quickly.

  1. The picture to the right shows the picture that began the Cuban missile crisis which was the closest the world ever came to World War III

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