Barack Obama

By Gray Stone

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  • During his campaign he vowed to end the war in Iraq and this he accomplished by 2012.
  • He with drawled US troops from Iraq in December 2011
  • Obama promised to put a stop to al-Qa'ida and end the war on terrorism.
  • He approved the order for a group of covert navy seals to assassinate Osama Bin Laden.
  • Obama signed a nuclear peace treaty with Russia called START.
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Saddam Hussein was the fifth president of Iraq and was over thrown with the help of the US because they belived that he was more of a dictator than a president and did not agree with his methods. In Afghanistan for many years the US was fighting against a terrorist group known as Al- Qaeda who was responsible for attacks in the US such as the 9/11 attack on the twin towers and the pentagon and they were led by a merciless man known as Osama Bin Laden and when the US assassinated him the group nearly died out completely, but a new group has rosin and is against the US and they are known as Isis or in other words the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Dick Cheney was the 46th vice president of the US and served under the Bush Administrations and was in the lead behind the scenes for his administration