White Elephants News

BC Weekday

Hello dear Parents,

What a wonderful week.
We had lots of activities and fun.
On Tuesday we celebrated Ms. Charmica's birthday. On Thursday we had Music class with Ms. Cindy and she was on fire!
Ms. Monica had a such nice time playing with our babies at the big table. Ms. Monica is a great addition to our class.
We said our goodbyes to Molly and Megan. It was a sad moment. I had a great moment with my little Clock, as I used to call Molly. She gave me big smiles that made my day.
We missed Ansley this week. Poor girl got sick. Hopefully she will be back Monday.
Remember to check our calendar. In February we celebrate Valentine's Day and the color Pink. Btw, Ms. Joni did a wonderful job whith a little Valentine's Day surprise for each of you. Can't wait to give it to you guys.


We are going to have an experiment this week, as I mentioned to all of you, changing our class to room 109. We are trying to improve the quality of our work by having a room just for the "nappers". we'd also like for them to have more connection with Ms. Charmica"s class, since her class is the next step for our infants.
Please, don't hesitate to contact us any time if you don't think this is a good idea. We are here to better serve and always work with you guys.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Ms. Priscilla, Ms. Monica and Ms. Joni