Dietary Guidelines Brochure

By: Valerie Clever

What do the Dietary Guidelines do for Americans?

  • What is meant by a health risk? A health risk is
    The likelihood of developing health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers.
  • Define Diet. Diet is an eating plan

Getting enough nutrients within your calorie needs.

  • 4 factors that determine calorie needs.
1. Diabetes.

2. Heart Disease.

3. High Blood Pressure.

4. Some types of Cancer.

  • Define Nutrient-Dense Foods. Nutrient-Dense Foods are foods that you should eat.

How to maintain a healthy weight.

Risk factor is when you're taking a risk off of your foods.

Health problems relate to too much body fat because you might have ate a lot.

Some health risks for being under weight is that you could possibly die earlier.

1. Eat healthier. 2. Exercise.

Suggestions for being physically active every day.

1. Exercise. 2. Stretch.

They should get twice a week.

You should stretch, eat health, and exercise.

Importance of whole grains, fruits, vegetables and milk

They have nutrients in them. They can help you lose weight. They can help you stay healthy.

You can eat some healthy food like the three given.

You can exercise, eat some foods that are healthy, and even stretch.

How to limit fats and cholesterol

1. Sugar. 2. Sodium.

Heart disease can cause that.

If you take in fat you can be overweight.

Be choosy about carbohydrates

1. Cookies. 2. Cake. 3. Candy.

1. Soda. 2. Cereal. 3. Candy.

So that you can stay healthy.

Why reduce sodium and increase potassium?

So that you can have a healthy diet.

Avoid alcohol

1. To help your lungs.

2. To stay healty.

3. To stay on a good diet.

Why is food safety an important part of the Dietary Guidelines?

So that you can have a healthy diet.