Peer Ministry Meeting Agenda

September 23, 2014

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Room # CampusMinistry

Opening Prayer

Prayer Requests

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Dress Code Violations - Mr. Alvarado

Mr. Alvarado was contacted by Dean Hines because some of the worst offenders in the school are peer ministers. Please remember you are supposed to set the example, people look up to you. Conform to the dress code.

Daily Mass Schedule

Tuesday September 23rd - Roman

Wednesday September 24th - Senior Freshman Picnic

Thursday September 25th - Luisa

Friday September 26th - FRESHMAN RETREAT!!

Monday September 29th - Quinn

Friday Morning Prayer

None this week, we will be on Retreat, next week it will be Stephanie.

Freshman Retreat

Friday, Sep. 26th, 7am-3:15pm

9400 Dufferin Ave

Riverside, CA

Freshman Retreat

Go Over Detailed Outline in Dropbox folder, everyone needs to know what is going on.

Freshman Retreat Checklist

Each Peer Minister is responsible to bring the following things:

Hawaiian Shirt (if you don't have one please speak with another peer minister to see if they have an extra on for you)

Beach Towels - These will be used to sit and lay on in our Family activities, please bring as many as you can, in case we need more.

Retreat Pairings

Committee Break Out

No Committee Break out this week, please continue to work on your various projects and report to the chairs.

Prayer Card

For Ashlynn C.

Other Business

Closing Prayer