West Creek

Week in Review 08/12/2016

Daily Wins

West Creek is celebrating our "wins" on campus. Each day, several students come to the office during our morning announcements and share with the rest of the school something positive about themselves. Students "wins" include staying on task, keeping their hands to themselves. helping a friend, following expectations on the playground, staying in school, and many more. After the wins are announced, the students write their wins on paper and post it in Ms. Katz's office. Students are always full of smiles when they leave the office.

Leadership/PBIS Team Meeting

Monday was our monthly Leadership/PBIS meeting. During the meeting we discussed how we can improve reading on our campus. Ideas included buying classroom books in order to increase use of AR in the classroom. We also discussed the best ways to support teachers in creating and implementing small groups in their classrooms. Ms. Katz and Mrs. Waters visited other school sites to observe effective instruction using small groups and will bring the information back to our staff during staff development time. The team scheduled AR assemblies, awards, and incentives so teachers and students alike will make AR a part of their academic success.

Group Rotations

On Monday, we started our leveled group rotations. Teachers were a little hesitant about the rotations, but after the first couple of days, groups are running smoothly. Throughout the morning, students are receiving the instruction they need at their level and I am sure we will see great academic success with the efforts our teachers are giving to our students.

Upcoming Events:

Dress and Talk Like a Pirate: Sept. 19

Sweet Frog Night: Sept. 27 from 4-8

Lunch with the Principal: Sept. 30