2MU News

Week of March 9, 2015

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I hope you had a great week. 2MU had an awesome week of fun and learning...read on to learn more...


  • We read My Name is Gabriela focusing on story character traits. Gabriella loved learning and helping others to learn, too.
  • We read The Popcorn Book by Tomie dePaolo and learned some interesting facts about popcorn. Then the children responded to one of the following writing prompts: "My favorite part was when...," " I learned...," "An interesting fact I learned about popcorn is..." Our popcorn shaped writings are displayed in our classroom.
  • We read The Patchwork Quilt learning and discussing the value of family traditions. We will continue to do activities in the upcoming weeks using this text.
  • We learned about the suffixes -y and -ful
  • During Grammar we learned about the verb "Be" and how to use it in both the present and past tense.


  • During Writers' Workshop, we wrote several Opinion Letters. We wrote a letter giving our opinion of our favorite character. We wrote another letter about a picture from our favorite book that we thought was interesting and helped describe a particular character trait about our favorite character.


  • We completed Unit 7 learning about measurement, finding mean, median, and mode, and creating graphs.
  • We began Unit 8 on Fractions.
  • During Fun-Friday Math Centers, the students played Pizza Fraction games. See photos below ...they capture a 'fraction' of the fun we had!


  • As Scientists, we continued to learn about solids and liquids. We conducted and experiment to separate the mixtures we made last week: water and toilet tissue, water and salt, and water and gravel.
  • We conducted another experiment called, "The Great Dissolving Race." The children worked with their science partner to place a sugar cube and sugar grains each in a cup of water to see which would dissolve faster. What would you predict? Be sure to ask your child how their race turned out?
  • Like all good Scientists do, we documented our findings in our Science Lab Report Log.

Other Activities

  • We created Leprechauns and wrote a list of three wished we would ask a leprechaun should we encounter one.
  • As part of our Tomie dePaolo author study, we made a list of 3 questions we would ask Tomie if he walked into our room. Then, we viewed "A Visit with Tomie dePaolo," a recorded live video interview with Tomie. We saw his house, art studio, and collections. He answered many of our questions and we learned a lot of new interesting details.

Separating Solids and Liquids

We used a funnel and filter to separate toilet tissue and water, gravel and water, and salt and water. Which mixtures could be easily separated? Is there another method we could use to separate the salt and water mixture? Ask your child our thoughts and discussions. Stay tuned for our next experiment.

The Great Dissolving Race

Which will dissolve faster...a sugar cube or sugar grains?

Playing Fraction Pizza

Making our "Three Wishes Leprechauns"

Celebrating Pi Day

Mini blueberry and apple pies made by Mrs. Spellmeyer!

Star Student of the Week-Ryan Robbins

We made Shamrocks with toilet paper roll cut-outs
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