Land form and Physical features

By Edith

Great Lakes

First we will talk about the great lakes of the Northeast.The great lakes are Lake Ontario,Lake Huron,Lake Erie and Lake Michigan.

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Land forms

Next we will talk about the landforms of the Northeast.First we have the Appalachian mountains.They are 1,500 miles from Georgia to Canada.They are very old and made over 470 million years ago.They are the oldest mountains in our continent.The mountain area is called Alleghenies.Next we have Mountain Washington.It is the tallest mountain in our region.It is in New Hampshire.It is 1,917 ft. tall.Now we have the Adironack mountains.They go through New York.They are called ’’dome ’’ mountains.They were made from lava but instead of being a valcano they cooled and became a mountain.

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water ways

Some of the waterways of the Northeast are Susquehanna river,Lake Champlain,Hudson river,Ohio river,St. Lawrence river,Lake Ontario and the Connecticut river.