Greek Mythology Mysteries

Lauren Berger (Academic 4)

Where is the labyrinth rumored to be located?

on the Island of Crete, which is riddled with an elaborate network of underground tunnels. The Labyrinth houses the legend, the Minotaur.

Can you explain the Labyrinth myth?

The labyrinth is a legend that states an inventor was hired by King Minos (Daedalus) to build a maze. This maze houses the other Greek legend - the Minotaur. Icarus is the son of Daedalus, and in the end, this boy ended up escaping the labyrinth by flying out with a pair of giant wings that Daedalus himself crafted. Daedalus escaped the same was as Icarus, but Icarus didn’t make it. He fell and drowned in what is now the Icarus Sea; named after him.

People involved:

The Labyrinth is one of the most popular Greek Myths.

Labyrinth Theories

People would be very hesitant to believing the labyrinth is real. A huge part is because the Minotaur is heavily involved, and the Minotaur doesn’t exist.

Modern Day Research?

There is no modern day research. This used to be a religion, though. Since I have never been a part of this religion, I can’t give you examples.


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