You are going to learn about Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Katrina started on August/29/2005. Hurricane Katrina was the most powerful hurricane in the world. My next paragraph you will learn about WHERE DID KATRINA HIT. Hurricane Katrina was also the most deadly hurricane that hit the United States.


Hurricane Katrina started in the Bahamas and led on to. After it hit the Bahamas it led into new Orleans and the gulf of mexico. Then to the Mississippi river. After that it led into Alabama. After Alabama it hit Texas and led into L.A then to Arkansas. Some people afterwards were left homeless or with no homes along the gulf coast in new Orleans.


Now you are going to learn about the impact. Which means how many people died how many people were left without homes, food and how long it was. First i will tell you about how many people died 1,833 people died 100,000 people survived. Now this how many people were left without homes 800,000 people that is almost the whole country and a state. That is a lot of people that died and some people did not get to eat for days that is so sad. Imagine if you were them I would have never make it however picture this new born babies not being able to eat that is sad.


Still to this day people are cleaning up the big mess Hurricane Katrina left behind. That was almost 10 years ago. Imagine all the work they have left they will probably still have about 4 to 8 years left of damage and cleaning. Did you know the year of 2005 was the most deadliest year because that was the year that a lot of hurricanes hit. Say if people live by the equator they are just going to get hit because a hurricane forms by the equator. Also a lot of people get cuts and bleed and then when that happens sharks come and surround their homes.


Now you are going to learn about facts and anything else you want to learn. Let’s say that Hurricane Katrina hit the Bahamas first and the Bahamas are in Miami and Miami is in Florida. Then the last place it hit was Canada.The only part a hurricane can form is in tropical areas. Did you know that they named the hurricanes in alphabetical order.
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