The Beatles 1960's

By:Sonia A Nieves Angela zapata

The Beatles are in English rock band ,formed in liverpool in 1960 ,with there members are john Lennon,Paul Mc carthey ,George Harrison and Ringo starr they became widely regarded as the greatest and most influential act of the rock era.

The Song are

  1. Hey Jude
  2. Here comes the sun
  3. Yesterday
  4. All you need is love
  5. Lucy in the sky with Diamonds
  6. Let it Be
  7. come together

The clothes

  1. Suit
  2. Brioni Beatles leather boots Burgundy Uk9

The Beatles

john Lennon & Paul Mc cartney the played together from 1957 in the band called Quarrymen. They were inspired by there early rockabily of Evis presley & Carl Perkins By the 1960 they had a good Changed their named to the Beatles & added guitarist George Harrison & drummed pete best to there group


Take out there second album in pure & raw with dynamic performances all around.

About the rock band

The beatless were a rock band in 1960 with there group john lennon,paul mc cartney,& george harrison & ringo starr

Hair styles

  1. some what like bob hair style

When they were born

  1. John Lennon =October 9,1940 Liver Pool United Kingdom
  2. Paul MC Cartney= June 18,1942 Walton ,Liverpool United Kingdom
  3. Ringo Starr July 7,1940 United Kingdom
  4. Geaorge Harrison=February 25,1945 Liver pool United kingdom
  5. Pete Best =November 24,1941 Chennai ,India
  6. Stuart Sutcliffe=June 23,1940 Edinburgh ,united Kingdom
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