Personal Innovation & Peer Coaching

DSIL VC Workshop C | MONDAY | 19 October @ 1pm Bangkok

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John Monks, Board Member and Certified Executive Coach, Action Aid UK

In this session John Monks, a certified executive leadership coach, will walk participants through general theory and philosophy of 'coaching' as a tool for professional and personal development. Additionally he will share some frameworks and strategies for getting started in your personal innovation journey that also includes how to support others you work with.

Session Overview

Coaching is a technique that's becoming more and more widespread, and in almost every walk of life. You can now find coaching for executives, athletes, scientists, entrepreneurs, even coaches themselves. This session will explore what coaching is and what it can be for you; as an individual and as a participant. It will provide tools for you to use immediately enable you to create your own coaching model.

Coaching has been described as ‘the art of facilitating the development, learning and performance of another’. It is a means of enabling individuals or teams to develop their own capabilities – and in doing so to maximize their potential. It draws from a range of disciplines, including education science, business science, philosophy, sports psychology, positive psychology and neuroscience.

This all makes it sound complicated or like a black art. Fear not! Some of the best coaches in the world have never been trained formally; they simply draw on the innate human qualities of empathy and intuition. With a few very simple techniques the practice of coaching can become second nature.


  • 'How Coaching Works'
  • 'Summarizing and Asking Open-Ended Questions'
"How Coaching Works"
Summarizing and asking open-ended questions

Nerd Out!

  • See the THNK Peer Coaching Framework for a starting point in how you could structure a peer coaching session.
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Speaker Profile

John Monks, Board Member, Action Aid UK

John Monks loves to change things for the better. He is passionate about helping others to achieve what they are capable of and using new technology in smart ways.

John has built his career on management consulting in technology-enabled change. Most recently he set up DigitasLBi’s Global Digital Business Design unit, an organisation design consultancy within the agency that helps clients understand and take advantage of the opportunities offered by digital technology. This involves creating new structures, skills and cultures that are able to innovate. He is also an individual and group coach and enjoys creating and working in brilliant teams.

Prior to joining DigitasLBi, John set up Curve in 2004, a business consultancy delivering tech-enabled transformation programs to some of the world’s largest organizations. Curve began in London, managing the delivery of a city-wide police emergency response service. The company opened for business in New York in 2007 where John created a new 911 operation for New York City, introducing a combined emergency contact system for the NYPD and FDNY.

Outside work, John is on the board of ActionAid, an international NGO building a movement of people working together to defeat poverty. He lives in Cambridge, UK with his partner Anthea and two kids. No pets yet, but he knows he is on the losing side of that conversation sooner or later!

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