End of Term 1 Newsletter

Miss Billings & Mrs Franich, Year 4

Have a great Holiday Break!

First Day of Term 2

Tuesday, April 26th, 8:30am

Lionel Street

South Kalgoorlie, WA


Enjoy your holidays!

Next term we will continue our "Dive into a Book" homework series. The students will be focusing on reading regularly for at least 20 minutes and complete activities based on what they've read.

We have been learning to...



Working on spelling strategies every day with a new list each week. Each student has had their own spelling lists to meet their personal needs.


We have worked on Descriptive Writing and practising the Writing Process of drafting, editing and publishing a final draft.


We have learnt various reading skills, such as:

  • Author's Purpose - Why an author writes something, usually to persuade, inform or entertain. We call it our "Author's Purpose P.I.E."
  • Cause & Effect - The cause is what happens first (WHY) and the effect is what happens next because of the cause (What happens NEXT).
  • Fact & Opinion - Facts can be proven true/false and Opinions are based on how something thinks, feels, or believes. Facts are always the same and Opinions depend on each person.
  • Story Structure - The different elements of a story, which include: Characters, Setting, Plot, Problem/Solution.
  • Theme - The message an author tries to tell the reader through actions in the story. (Some common themes are: Bravery, Courage, Honesty, Caring for Others, Friendliness, and more.)


We have worked on understanding Place Value up to 10,000. We have also work on various addition skills, such as mastering Rainbow Facts, Partitioning, Subitising, and various addition strategies. We have focused on using these strategies with 2-digit numbers and extending it to 3- & 4-digit addition. These skills will help us work on understanding Subtraction and Multiplication fluency.


We have been working on our Earth & Space unit where we have done several experiments to understand the changes in land over the years due to erosion, weathering and more!


We have been studying various early explorers and how life was for them exploring the world for the first time. We have research and gathered information on Vasco da Gama and Columbus. We have also spent some time on discussing and understanding ANZAC Day.

You Can Do It!

You Can Do It! is our social/emotional school program to help students become a better community citizen. In this program, there are 5 Keys to Success: Getting Along, Resilience, Persistence, Confidence and Organisation.

We have worked on setting SMART goals and exploring our Getting Along skills.