Thanks (Michelle) Obama

How has the Obama Administration Changed School Lunches?

What were school lunches like before Michelle?

Even before Michelle Obama's war on obesity, schools were becoming more strict with their guidelines. These guidelines were mostly implemented in 1995, with Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Such cases include:

  • Adding tofu as an option for lunches
  • Changing Peanut Products to optional only
  • Reducing salt levels

So what did Obama do?

Michelle took all the guidelines and gave them more steroids than Lance Armstrong. So in 2010, she instigated her "war" on obesity, declaring it an epidemic. She forced schools to fully adapt to her guidelines, some of which follows.

  • Further decrease the levels of salt in school lunches.
  • Raise the needed amount of protein to 4-6 ounces.
  • Both breakfasts and lunches should only take up from one fourth to one third of a child's daily intake (less food, 850 calories)
  • Double the amount of vegetables/fruits offered; required
  • Whole grain wheats greatly increased
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