By: Baran Tokgoz

Barcelona is on the coast of the country Spain.

It has the mountain range of Collserola, the Llobregat river to the southwest and the Besòs river to the north

Average temperature is 60 degrees Fahrenheit during Spring. Around 90 in Summer and down to 40 in the Winters

Some of the most popular foods are. Mel I mato, Escalivida, and esquixada

Points of interest.

1.One interesting place in Barcelona is the museum of Picasso, which has many of the world famous artists paintings.

2.Church of La Sagrada Familia, a large Roman Catholic church made by famous architect
Antoni Gaudi, Which is still yet to be finished, and is open year round except for on religious holidays.

3.Casa Batllo is a renowned building located in the center of Barcelona and is one of Antoni Gaidi's masterpieces. It is famous for it's strange and unique architectural design.

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Historical facts.

1.Barcelona was founded by Phoenicians and Carthaginians. The original name of the city was Barcino

2.Visigoths occupied the city and changed its name to Barcinona in the 5th century A.D.

3.It Hosted the world's fair in 1888