The Principal's Corner

ICS Happenings and Updates

Happenings Around School

Thank you to all of the families who attended our 2022-2023 Back to School Night! We hope you enjoyed the opportunity to see our school and hear from your child's teachers. As a teacher, I always prioritized reflection after each school day. As a teacher, reflection allowed me to notice what worked well and what should continue to be done, and what didn't work and what should be changed to make a more effective lesson. I apply the same mentality as a principal here at ICS. After reflecting on our Back to School Night, there are many things that were great and also many things that we can make better! I look forward to keeping the best parts of our Back to School Night traditions, but have many ideas about how we can enhance this event for next year. I look forward to sharing them with you at the appropriate time.

Our Grandparent's Mass was a beautiful celebration of multiple generations. It brought me (and many others) to tears. Thank you to all of those who attended this event, and a special thank you to Ceil Cullen for organizing it!

Our parking lot project is fully complete and looks amazing! Our students have been enjoying playing on it this week for recess, gym, and CARES. With the parking lot being complete, we have started the process of ordering some new recess equipment and basketball hoops.

We are looking toward expanding our current offerings of student clubs and activities. Some activities such as chorus, cheerleading, and choir are already underway! Teachers have been submitting proposals for new clubs that our students can join. Their ideas have surely impressed us and we will be releasing information about these offerings soon.

MAP testing begins next week. This test is administered 3 times per year and is not a test that students need to study for. Please make sure that your children are getting lots of sleep and eating a good breakfast in the mornings so they are ready to do their best.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Principal's Challenge

Starting today, in each week's newsletter, students can look forward to a principal's challenge. The principal's challenge will be a short activity, riddle, puzzle, or problem that is optional for students to participate in.

Students can submit their work by Thursday of the following week by writing their full name and grade on the back of their entry. Submissions will be sent to the main office. I will choose 3 winners each week. One winner will be chosen from each of the following groups: PreK- Grade 2, Grades 3-5, and Grades 6-8. Entries will be placed into a box and selected randomly. Winners will be announced over the loudspeaker each week and will come to the principal's office for a small prize on Friday mornings.

This week's challenge is through HOPE Through Education.

"What Christmas Means to Me" Art Contest:

What does Christmas mean to you? Create a drawing that answers this question. Please use the following guidelines:

  • Use a standard 8.5x11 sheet of paper
  • (Keep in mind, the winning image will be reduced in size to create a Christmas card)
  • Please use crayons, markers, colored pencil or watercolor paints
  • The brighter colors, the better!

Students can send their drawings to the ICS main office by Thursday, September 29. After I select our ICS winners, all submissions will be sent to HOPE Through Education. This organization will receive entries from multiple schools. One entry will be chosen to be the design for their 2022 Christmas card!

Good luck!

Upcoming Events

  • Thursday, September 22: Class Parent/Parent Volunteer Information Meeting, 6:30 PM
  • Thursday, September 22: Parent Volunteer Safety Training, 7:00 PM
  • Friday, September 23: ICS Kid's Night Out, 6:00-10:00 PM


  • Please remember to check your child's lunch card balance each week!
  • Our Scrip program has started! If you did not receive your Scrip envelope for this year, please email Cristina Baranauskas at Scrip orders can be sent any day of the week. Orders will be filled on Thursday mornings.