Friday Focus

NEISD Library Services

Week of November 30 - December 4, 2015

In this Friday Focus:

  • Professional Development Opportunity
  • Submission of Revised Library Transformation Plan (Action Required)
  • High School Librarians’ Book Share (Action Required)
  • Gale Databases & eBooks- Google Integration Update
  • Staff Digital Citizenship Training
  • Elementary Research Units LibGuide (ES)
  • New Professional Titles in OverDrive!
  • Reminders & Updates

Professional Development Opportunity

Librarian Appraisal Roles: Teacher - Instruction & Technology Integration

Campus Leader - Professional Knowledge & Skills

SMART Library Cohort Fall 2015 (ES/MS)

Collaborate with librarian colleagues, Instructional Technology Specialists, and Library Services staff to develop high-impact lessons utilizing SMART technologies.

SMART Library Cohort: Session 4

December 8, 2015 3:30 - 5:00

Cibolo Green ES


Submission of Revised Library Transformation Plan (Action Required)

DIIP Goal 7.3

Effectively utilize newly acquired instructional technology tools and continue developing “Future Ready” libraries through:

  • submission of revised Library Transformation Plans

A lot of hard work has gone into the revision of the Library Transformation Plans which were originally submitted March 28, 2014. Three planning sessions were held and numerous campus visits made. Library Advisory Committees were formed and input gathered from various stakeholders. For further recommendations, please peruse the Future Ready Libraries LibGuide.

The due date for the submission of the revised Library Transformation Plan is Friday, December 18, 2015. Please follow the procedures below for submission of the LTP:

  • Email a link to the shared Google doc of the original LTP with revisions in red (see LibGuide) to Faye Hagerty
  • Include at the top of the section called Updated Needs or 2015/16 Prioritized Needs a list of the members of the Library Advisory Committee, date of meeting/s held, and a few of the suggestions recommended by the committee
  • Include a CC to the campus administrator

If I can assist in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you!


High School Librarians’ Book Share (Action Required)

By noon on Friday, December 18, please submit two titles for our Book Share WebEx meeting to be held on January 4 from 4:00-5:00.

Books should be favorably reviewed for a high school audience in professional review sources, and titles available in OverDrive are preferred.

Submit titles here: High School Librarians’ Book Share Survey.

We look forward to hearing about the great books librarians have been reading!


Gale Databases & eBooks- Google Integration Update

Gale continues to integrate their electronic resources with Google for seamless highlighting, note taking and downloading to Google Drive.

The Google integration is now available for the following Gale products:

  • ASCD Professional Collection
  • Biography in Context (ES/MS/HS)
  • DK subcollection (ES/MS)
  • Educator’s Reference Complete
  • Gale Virtual Reference Library (MS/HS)
  • Opposing Viewpoints in Context (MS/HS)
  • Research in Context (MS)

Kids Infobits will be integrated this spring.

Gale has developed a tip sheet explaining the path to Google integration.


Staff Digital Citizenship Training

Reposted from Tom Johnson, Excellence by Design district communique; October 2015

For the past five school years, NEISD students have completed digital citizenship lessons designed to engage, inform and provide healthy strategies as they utilize a vast array of digital resources for both instructional and social means. Last May, data from the Clarity BrightBytes survey revealed on 43% of NEISD teachers feel knowledgeable about creating an online presence. Therefore, Executive Staff has approved the creation of a digital citizenship course to be completed by all certified employees. This 60 minute online course will cover the following topics:

  • Professionalism online
  • Personal branding
  • Password creation and security
  • Personal safety
  • Intellectual property

A 20-question online quiz will be administered at the conclusion of the course. Employees who do not earn a minimum score of 70% will be allowed to attempt the quiz again until a passing score is earned. All NEISD certified employees (non-hourly) are expected to complete the Digital Citizenship online course and successfully pass a 20-question quiz by April 1, 2016. Please contact the Help Desk at 356-43567 for assistance with course access if needed.

Note from Library Services: Register for and complete the course in Eduphoria (see eCourses).


Elementary Research Units LibGuide (ES)

Elementary Research Units LibGuide (ES)

The sample elementary research units created in 2014-2015 have been curated into one LibGuide. See the Library Services main page, Information for Librarians tab.


New Professional Title in OverDrive!

Teaching Digital Natives: Partnering for Real Learning by Marc Prensky


Reminders & Updates

There is still time to register for NEISD Librarians Celebrate Reading with Stephen Krashen! The deadline has been extended through 5:00 p.m. today. Register in Eduphoria.


High School Librarians – the SAT is changing. What about prep materials? [Reposted from Marti Rossi at ESC-20]


November 2015 Statistics

Print Circulation Stats

ES 106,652

MS 12,722

HS 4,489

Total 123,863

Nexus Circulation Stats

ES 265

MS 52

HS 6

Total 323

Thank you for circulating the Nexus tablets to allow for at-home digital reading. New and simplified OverDrive procedures coming in January!

OverDrive Stats - 8,536 Total Circulations

Top Ten:
Las Lomas - 877
Hidden Forest, Stone Oak, Dellview, Canyon Ridge, Garner MS, Driscoll MS, Larkspur, Bulverde Creek, & "Tex" Hill MS

Congratulations to all readers!


Library Processing Statistics for November

Orders Received - 205

Orders Sent - 156

Items Processed - 3,231

Average number of days at Processing -13.9 days


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