Life Before Constitution

Rebecca Orcel

Life as a Worker

My name is Billy Joe, I am a shoemaker from Manchester New Hampsire. I work in small shop were I am paid according to the amount of shoes I make. These days time are very hard. It seems like the government will never pay me back. This is what I enlisted that the revoloutionary war fight for. I heard that people have clubs that are demanding the state legislatures to lower down the taxes. To me I agree with this after all the government is becoming a tyranny and we have the right to rebel against them. There is so much talk about writing a constitution, what im reall concerned about is if they will handle all this war debt and and rebellions ad deptors.
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Enslaved African American

My name is Kasey Jones. Im a slave matter fact all my family is enslaved. I live on a tobacco plantation up in Vigina, this is the year of 1787. Eleven years ago the DDeclaration Of Independence stated that "all men are created equally" that was a lie, I was born a slave and I will always be a slave. Of course I already knew the fact that a slave owner himself wrote this and of course he ment freedom for the team white skins. To tell you the truth my loife has been very harsh. The only reason I dont put up a fight is because I know that I can be soled to South Carolina and I would hate the fact that I put my own fammily at jepoardy. To me the constitutional convention raises the possability of freedom. SSlavery has a chance of being outlawed but then again not every state would agree on this. All I actually was is some real freedom.