Food Brochure

By: JaMace'a Edwards

Western Europe

  • Western Europe has a long and sophisticated culinary tradition .

  • The united kingdom ,Germany ,France ,Ireland ,Belgium ,The Nerthlands ,Switerland ,Liechtenstein ,Luxembourg, Austria

  • It has temperate , wet climate that supports abundant agriculture and livestock such as sheep , cattle , chicken , and pigs .

Northern Europe

  • The northernmost part of this area extends into the Arctic Circle

  • Scandinavia ,Denmark ,Sweden ,Norway ,Finland ,and Ice land

  • Fish , Cured meats , and Dairy food
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The Mediterranean (Southern Europe )

  • Cooking in the southern Europe is lighter than cooking in Northern & Western Europe .

  • Spain ,Portugal ,Italy ,Greece

  • Whole grains ,Fresh Fruits , Vegetables , Fish ,Poultry ,Meats , Dairy and Olive oil