PLC Collaboration

The Next Step

It's Time to Share

This week's PLC time will be spent on fine-tuning the lesson plans for collaboration and making sure all elements are included.

Wednesday, February 13

I won't be here, but find your group and use the time to move ahead with planning for collaboration.

Reminder for Using Template

If you're going to use the google doc template to write and post your lesson plans, make sure you create a copy of the template before adding your information so that other people don't type over your masterpiece!!
1. Share content area standards and objectives.
2. Share literacy/math objectives.
3. Share 21st century objectives.
4. Talk through your step-by-step plan for implementing the lesson(s).
5. Share your assessment/project/activity plan and make sure it matches up with the rubric.
6. If you've already done your activity share with your group about how it went and what your next steps are.
Cooperative Learning Tool - Silent Card Shuffle
An idea for collaboration, if you feel like watching a video:)

Brainstorm Strategies

Think about instructional strategies each of you can use to engage students and encourage their collaboration skills.

The Goal

Implement these plans and gather the data so that you can start sharing data with your group on March 13. You'll have the 27th to work with your group and talk about your progress.

Have a Great Day!!