Puritans in England


Over View of the Puritans

Puritans believed in a simpler Church ritual, and believed in a more "pure" version of the early Christian Church. They were made fun of bemuse they didn't like theater. With more organization, the Puritans slightly influenced the Parliament. Queen Elizabeth accidentally gave them more concessions.

Types of Elizabethan Entertainment - Elizabethan Sports

  • Elizabethan Games and Sports - Sports and games which included archery, bowling, dice, hammer-throwing, quarter-staff contests, quoits, skittles and wrestling
  • Elizabethan Animal Blood Sports - Including Bear and Bull baiting. Dog and Cock fighting
  • Elizabethan Hunting - Sport followed by the nobility often using dogs
  • Elizabethan Hawking - Sport followed by the nobility with hawks

With the English Civil War having broken out, the Long Parliament was now led primarily by Puritans, who viewed the theatre as centres of vice. On 2nd September, an ordinance was passed that ordered theatres to close for the duration of the war. In the event, they remained closed throughout the period of the Cromwellian Commonwealth, only re-opening with the Restoration of Charles II in 1660. Theatres were a major part of Europe’s economy thus sinking their economy even more. By the time that the civil war had ended many of the old traditions had been lost, but only William Devenant

Living during Elizabethan England

This time period was known for its crimes and punishments. Executions and tortures were common in this time period.