Hydraulic Fracturing

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What is Hydraulic Fracturing?

Hydraulic Fracturing is a process that has been happening over 60 years now. This is the process where we get our natural gas. In order to make this process work, we drill down into the earth thousands of feet until it hits the Marcellus shale, in order for us to crack the shale we use millions of gallons of water at a high pressure which then cracks the shale and lets the natural gas flow out. We then use the natural gas that we have gotten for our daily lives.

What is Marcellus Shale?

The Marcellus Shale is a unit of marine sedimentary rock. Much of the Appalachian basin is above the marine rock. These rocks were formed millions of years ago. Marcellus shales contains micro organisms, the organisms eventually die then decay.

My opinion about this process...

I disagree with fracking, this process is doing massive amounts of damage to the earth. I think that if they are going to do this process then they should at least do it in a smarter way because the way that they are making these drillings they are causing massive amounts of polluted water and earthquakes. By these chemicals go into the water,this not only kills the animals living in the water but it also makes the water not able to be drinkable. From the hydrolodic cycle these chemicals can then be brought up into our air and this is also not good for the earth. Hydraulic fracturing also causes massive amounts of oil spills.

What are the disadvantages of hydraulic fracturing?


Hydraulic Fracturing