Team Hejka Newsletter!

February 12, 2016

Hello! It sounds like the online newsletter from last week went over well so, here it is again this week! :)


This week we worked on Chapter 6.8 which is "Real-World Problems: Fractions". We have been working through our text book, workbook and Extra-Practice pages to solidify our understanding of addition, subtracting, and even multiplying fractions that we find in word problems. We hope to take the Chapter 6 Assessment next week!

A big congratulations to the entire class for earning their IXL Super Bowl Showdown party! Each student in our class was able to practice on IXL for at least 3 hours in the last month! Well done! I hope that they continue to practice in the months to come!
A special recognizition goes to our Top 5 MVP's! Parker, Luke, Nikkole, Halle & Trent! Well done!!! :)


This week we have continued to research, take notes, and some have even started typing their biographies. We learned about proper paragraph organization (ie. topic sentence, detailed key sentences with transition words, and conclusion sentence). Each one of the paragraphs in their biography should be organized in this way so we will continue to revisit this with our writing lessons next week.


Although the IXL party, snow day, and Valentine's read-a-thon cut into our Inquiry time for the week, we did find some time to share a few more Personal History Projects! We are also working on researching historic events from the past. They are doing this in groups and will be making a poster to share with the class! We'll continue work on this next week.


Please make sure that you read over your student's portfolio, do your reflection "homework", and then send it back to school with your student!

Flint Water Crises.

This week Mrs. Welch's class took action to raise awareness and money for the Flint water crises. I asked her students to come in and present their Google Slides on the information that they researched. I'm really glad that State Road has taken action and that we will be able to provide clean water to our neighbors in Flint!

Important Dates:

February 15 - No school; Presidents Day.

February 19 - Popcorn Day