Friday Focus

Moreau Heights Elementary

March 2

Moreau Heights is a collaborative community focused on student growth with a commitment to excellence.

PBS lesson

The PBS lessons for the week will focus on But Its Not My Fault.

Our Second Steps lessons this week will focus on the following:

Kindergarten will work on inviting to play.

1st grade will work on inviting to join in.

Grade 2 will focus on Taking Responsibility.

Grade 3 will focus on Solving Classroom Problems.

Grade 4 will focus on Making a Plan.

Grade 5 will focus on Problem Solving Part 2.

Are you using Charger Cash to reinforce PBS expectations and Second Step skills?

- We want to use positive reinforcement to draw attention to what we want to see more of from our students.

- How do you make sure you are putting the focus where you want it?

- Are you remembering to use all your tools? Specific feedback? Charger Cash?

"You are a giant, yellow highlighter. Highlight behavior you want more of, and help children become aware of the many kind and helpful things they do each day."

Conscious Discipline Connection - Triggers and Temperament

The video this week hits on triggers of students and adults. Reflect on your CD-ROM:

  • what are you allowing to trigger you?
  • what story you are playing in your mind that creates the trigger?
  • how can you control this and manage yourself more effectively?

Duties for the Week

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iReady License Use

Getting our usage up! Way to go! Let's see if we can crack the 90% mark next week!


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Wanting Some Behavioral Support Ideas?

If you are wanting to set up a time to talk with Doug about behavioral interventions and support for a student in your class, please submit the form through the link below.

Calendar of Events

Monday, March 5

*Sue out for day at MAESP conference

*3rd grade Tobacco Presentation in gym 11:10

Tuesday, March 6

*Watch DOG - Donuts with Dads event 7:30 in library

*5th grade tour at LC 9:45

*NG parent mtg (Connelly, Gentry, Haugen) 10:00

*Tornado Drill 10:00

*TK parent mtg 12:15 (Fleming, Haugen, Spear, James)

*Staffing for DW 1:15 (Haugen, Steinman, James, Treat, Gragg)

Wednesday, March 7

*End of 3rd quarter

*District Admin meeting (Sue at Dix Rd 8:30 - 12:30

*RZ parent mtg 12:00 (Kaiser, Treat, James, Spear, Haugen)

*IEP for MG 1:10 (Dunn, Treat, Haugen)

Thursday, March 8

*Literacy Meeting (Sue out for day for training)

Friday, March 9

*Wellness Day - Walking Kick-off Event

*IEP for RC (Sexton, Haugen, Humphrey, Rackers, McKim, Lock, Reece) 2:00

*IEP for CN (Treat, Haugen, Gragg, McGeorge) 3:30

Monday, March 12

*Grade cards go home

*Parent mtg (Haugen, Frank, James) 1:00

*AH Parent mtg (Haugen, James, Spear, Kaiser) 2:15

*Literacy Team mtg 3:30

*School Culture Team mtg 3:30

*Title I mtg at Dix Rd 4:15 - 5:45 (Haugen, Holliday, Jungmeyer)

*5th grade Giving Event - Chipotle 5 - 9

Tuesday, March 13

*Spring Pics

*New Crew 7:00 a.m.

*Conscious Discipline Parent mtg 11:00 in library

*DB IEP (Haugen, Sexton, Humphrey, Rackers, Lueckenhoff, Lock, Kaiser) 2:00

*Leadership Team mtg 3:45

*PTO mtg 6:00 (First grade attending)

Wednesday, March 14

*Early Dismissal - students dismissed at 1:15

*PD in library to focus on Data book study

Thursday, March 15

*Collaboration Day

*Breakfast with Buddies 7:00 - 8:00 am

*Problem Solving Team mtg 3:45

Friday, March 16

*PBS Celebration

*MH Family Time

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Difference Maker Nomination Form

Nominate a staff member who has made a positive impact for students, families and staff!

Kelly's Coaching Corner

“The interactive read-aloud must be a cornerstone to every literacy teacher’s classroom!” ~Lucy Calkins

Our iReady data shows us the urgency for vocabulary instruction.

Daily interactive read-aloud, opens the door to authentic conversations about words and what they mean.

Here are three ideas for continuing to offer students rich discussion about words and their meanings through authentic text.

  1. Don’t forget to utilize the Interactive Read-Alouds book by Linda Hoyt (I have one for K-1, 2-3, and 4-5 in my office). It’s a start for ideas. We can add in our higher level questioning and vocabulary plans.

  2. UALR (click on the link) is an excellent resource for vocabulary instruction. Once you try out a few of Linda Dorn’s planners, you can easily plan them for the books you are reading in your classroom.

  3. Jan Richardson’s guided reading planners add in the four steps to teaching vocabulary. It’s been my recent focus for my own professional growth. Remember to use her book and her website for clarification on how to teach vocabulary.

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Charger Teachers Getting Their Learn On!

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Summer School Info

We are excited to announce that this year’s summer school will once again be open to all students. This year we will introduce a grade level thematic approach in K-5. We hope this generates excitement from students and summer school teachers. The grade level themes are:

Kindergarten: Camp Kindergarten - Time to explore school on a camping adventure!

1st Grade: Animal Planet Safari - Go on a safari and learn all about animals!

2nd Grade: Out of this World - Time to blast off and learn about space!

3rd Grade: Pack Your Bags - Take a trip around the USA!

4th Grade: Secret Spy School - We need your help solving some fun mysteries!

5th Grade: Inventor's Workshop - Make discoveries through cool experiments!

*Note: students register up to their promoted grade. 5th grade students will enroll in the Bridge to Middle School program offered at the middle schools.

Your curriculum department is busy organizing your summer school experience by grade level. If you agree to teach summer school we will provide you:

· Pre-selected thematic approach

o We’ve selected the common themes, you insert your creativity

· Pre-planned daily template for instruction

o Includes the minutes per day for ELA. math, science, PE, lunch, recess, and thematic flex time

· Pre-selected thematic readers and digital resources for summer school use

o We’ll do the searching and provide you some titles that support your theme

· Pre-planned daily math lessons supported by Go Math (16 lessons)

o Any additional engagement activities aligned to the daily lessons will be the SS teachers' responsibility

Note: Aside from the support listed above, any Individual lesson plans will be developed by summer school teachers.

Summer School application process is now open.

Health Screening Information

Annual JCPS Health Screens for those on JCPS Insurance

The purpose for offering health screens is for anyone that wishes to save $30/month on their insurance premium. To receive the discount for the 2018/19 school year one must follow the guidelines below:

Complete the following between January 1, 2018 and March 30, 2018:

  • Health Screening*

  • Health Risk Assessment (online questionnaire)

What do I get?

$30/month off health insurance premium = $360/year

*you may also use your private physician, but the proper form from umr must be used and submitted to umr.


March 19 6:00 am - 8:30 am

March 20 6:00 am - 8:30 am

March 21 6:00 am - 7:45 am

March 22 6:00 am - 8:30 am

March 23 6:00 am - 8:30 am



To register for your date/time you must click on the CRMC registration link provided below:

Health Screen Registration Link

If you have forgotten your time please email Everyone will

receive a reminder email the day before your appointment from CRMC.

Please find the following attachments::

  1. Online cHRA instructions

  2. Physician Lab Form Instructions

  3. 2018 Authorization Form (Print and bring with you to health screens)


If you are new to the District this year and took the screens in August, you WILL need to take the screens again. The screens are for the 2018-19 school year.


Anyone that is pregnant – (Still required to take HRA online)

Anyone undergoing medical treatment that would affect the results of the biometric screens– (Still required to take HRA online)

**Please email Becky Pfenenger at so that you may be added to the list of exemptions.

COMMON FAQ’s/Questions about the screens:

  1. Do I need to fast? Yes, for a minimum of 8 hours prior to the test. You may have a glass of water.

  2. If I’m pregnant should I take the screen? No, you will only take the online Health Risk Assessment.

  3. If I just had a blood work up can I use it? Yes, if you have had a blood draw/workup completed after January 1, 2018. You will need to have all other items completed as well and use the attached Physician form.

  4. What is involved in the screen? Blood draw, Blood Pressure, Resting Heart Rate, Height, Weight, Waist to Hip measurements and InBody.

  5. The InBody has to be done barefoot. Please do not wear panty hose or tights on the day of the screen.

  6. Please come at your selected time and be prompt. The health screens are designed for 25 people at a time. If you come too early or too late it will make the lines longer.

  7. You will fill out a release of information form stating that you give Capital Region Medical Center the rights to send your information to UMR.

Clinical Health Risk Assessment (cHRA)

The health risk assessment will be open March 1st. It will close March 31, 2018. Please go to to take your HRA.

You will need your insurance card to log in. Some people have had issues with the pop up being blocked. Be sure to clear your cache to allow the hra to open. You will not need to complete your screens to take the HRA. You will simply click “I don’t know” on all the biometric-numbers from the screen. UMR will upload the information for you.