6-8 year olds social development

By: Ashley Scrivner


  • View themselves based on performance in school; how much friends they have; and their physical appearance.
  • Can feel feel two different emotions at the same time.
  • Are intensely interested in peers, prefer same sex friends; develop friendships marked by give and take, mutual trust, and shared experiences
  • Feel that belonging and acceptance by peers is very important.
  • Play is no longer just fantasy play where imagination is the key element; more often children choose rules-based games where the rules are the key element and wining the game is more frequently the objective
  • Have great concern with justice and fairness; what is fair or equal is important and some children may try to get even and become verbally or physically aggressive
  • Continue to develop social skills like empathy and compassion
  • Become more able to do things by themselves and as a result, their relationship with parents changes
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