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A newsletter for dairy producers - September 2017

Reminders for Cattle Transport

By Heidi Carroll, SDSU Extension Livestock Stewardship Associate

An accident involving a cattle truck in Indiana on July 11th sheds light on how quickly the beef industry hits the media spotlight. In this specific case, creating a less than desirable outcome for agriculture. As summer heat and drought conditions push potential weaning dates ahead on the calendar many cattlemen may start to feel crunched for time and become overwhelmed by the management decisions they need to make. In times of stressful situations, haste can make waste, so take time to slow down and ensure the safety of people and cattle. Here are a few reminders to plan for successful handling experiences each time cattle are transported. Continue...

Livestock Disaster Plans Are Needed In Every County

By Fred M Hall, Northwest Iowa Extension Dairy Specialist Iowa State University

Currently in the United States, standard operating procedures for addressing accidents involving the transportation of livestock do not exist. BERP has developed a framework for local emergency responders and law enforcement to more appropriately address accidents involving cattle transport vehicles. This plan includes standardized procedures, suggestions and materials for dispatchers and first responders in the areas of call assessment, scene arrival and assessment, scene containment and security, extraction of cattle from the trailer, relocation of cattle involved in the accident, mortality disposal, securing the wrecked transport vehicle, humane euthanasia of cattle and responder debriefing. Continue...

Save the date: I-29 Moo University Fall Tour

Monday, Nov. 13th, 9am

Sioux Falls, SD, United States

Sioux Falls, SD

I-29 Fall Tour
When: November 13
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Finding Common Ground with Consumers

By Betty Berning, University of Minnesota Extension Educator

Local, non-GMO, organic, gluten-free. These are some of the words you might see if you look at a package of food at the grocery store. Some of it might make you chuckle. What exactly is non-GMO soda, anyway? And wasn’t oatmeal always gluten-free?! Why are food companies using these words? Continue...

USDA Farm Income Forecast

By Robert Tigner, UNL Extension Educator, Red Willow County

USDA’s Net Farm Income (NFI) forecast is an oft-cited number that many in the policy arena will use. It can be found in the media as well. The statistic is first reported in February with two more updates during the year. A final number is released in February the following year. USDA just released a NFI update. Let’s look at how good the estimates really are. Continue...
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Calendar of Events

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4: Animal Care Wednesday Webinar; 11:00 am. Topic: Considerations when remodeling barns. Click here for more information and to join.
I-29 Moo University Fall Tour; details to come

1: Animal Care Wednesday Webinar; 11:00 am. Topic: On-farm assessments – are you meeting packer & consumer expectations? Click here for more information and to join.
2: Transition Cow: Health, Nutrition, and Well-being, Oh My!;
Details to come on Dairy.unl.edu
2- Siouxland Dairy Lenders Seminar; 9 a.m - 4 p.m.; Forster Community Center, Rock Rapids, IA
13: I-29 Moo University Fall Tour; details to come.
29-30: Quickbooks 101 and 201; Details to come on Dairy.unl.edu

8-12: I-29 Moo University Winter Workshop. Agenda and Registration details coming soon!

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