Assessment Results

Leavenworth Elementary

Reading and Math

Testing results are in! We'd like to share information about Leavenworth Elementary and the state of Kansas as a whole.
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Student Strengths

Students at Leavenworth Elementary scored higher than the state average within some student groups for reading and math.

For READING these groups include:

-Students with disabilities

-English Language Learners

-African Americans




For MATH these groups include:

-English Language Learners

(All students scored an average of .1% less than the state average. Students with free & reduced lunch scored an average of .2% less than the state average.)

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Areas for Improvement

From the previous results, it is evident that our areas for improvement include math. We would also like to focus on raising the scores of all students in reading.
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Next Steps

Some of our next steps as a school:

  • focus on critical thinking skills
  • create standards based math units that build skills from grade to grade
  • teacher professional development for math strategies
  • quality and appropriate instruction for all students for reading
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