The Mexican-American War

Bailey Donovan

Manifest destiny

In 1840 and the United States had a booming economy and growing population . Barely 70 years old , the nation needed more room for farms, ranches, business, and every growing families. Many Americans headed West on the belief in manifest destiny, the obvious fate to settle all the way to the Pacific Ocean in order to spread democracy.

Whig Party passes up John Tyler

James K. Polk

Democratic Party chooses former Tennessee governor James K. Polk to oppose Henry Clay. Both candidates strongly favored acquiring Texas and Oregon, but Polk was perceived as the expansionist candidate. Shortly after Polk won the election he set out to fulfill his campaign promise to annex Oregon.

Californios and Vaqueros

In the early 1820s California had only around 3,200 colonists , these colonist we're know as Californios. With a larger amount of open land there was