Vote Rocky King

Sheriff of Polk County

Rocky King speaks about Crime Prevention and Solving Crime

Crime Prevention
How are crimes stopped before they occur? I believe that having officers more visible in the communities is a good start. There should not be a road in Polk County that is not traveled by a marked sheriff’s unit. Not just main roads, all roads. It is a proven fact, if marked law enforcement units are visible the crime rate goes down. The citizens and the criminals should know we are close by. Additionally, community involvement is another area we can make a difference. I will make every effort to build a network between, the sheriff's department and the citizens and business owners. Providing community education in churches, schools and other locations we can bring information directly to the citizens keeping them up to date on the current scams and drugs we are facing.

We can prevent crimes.
Solving Crimes
I will bring new focus to the sheriff’s department. With better training and accountability you will see more crimes solved. We have access and there are ways to track all committed crimes through data collection and map technology to see where crime is committed and we will be able to focus on the areas where crimes most occur. Follow-ups to update the victim will be done and we will continue to gain new leads through good old fashioned police work. The cooperation with other agencies will allow the communication needed to check for similar crimes and if there is we can work together to solve them. Focus on drug enforcement training that will enable deputies to better recognize the signs of drug use and they can then identify and apprehend the drug users and sellers here in our community. By reducing the amount of drug use in our community, it will reduce other crimes such as burglary and theft.This is attainable and affordable, we can solve crimes.

On Thursday August 7th - I am asking for your vote and support to serve as your Sheriff of Polk County.

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