Computer Components

Mother Board

The Motherboard keeps all the other components together. It holds many of the crucial electronic components for the system. The Motherboard is found in the bottom of the computer case. The base of the motherboard is made of a very firm sheet of non-conductive material, usually rigid plastic, it also has thin layers of copper or aluminium.

The motherboard includes a CPU, power connector and slots for system main memory.


The CPU is the Central Processing Unit it carries out the instructions of a computer program. It carries out the stored instructions (programs) given to the computer. This is a very small but key component for a computer. The CPU is found in a slot in the motherboard (CPU socket).

Heat Sink

A heat sink sits above this to transfer the heat from the CPU to the aluminium which can then discard it into the air to stop the CPU overheating as it is constantly working


Random Access Memory is the storage space for the data used by the system and the programs while the computer is in use. More of these can be added to the slots on the mother board to give your computer more storage space and enable it to work better.

Power Supply

This converts the type of electrical power available at the wall socket to the type the computer can use. It is an electrical device which supplies electrical energy. It is a vital part of the Computer.

Video Card

This is found on the Mother Board. It improves the quality of the graphics. Some people use more than one graphic card to make the visual quality even better. Different cards can have different levels of graphic quality.

Optical Drive

The optical drive reads and writes data to or from an optical disk like a CD or a DVD. It uses laser light or electromagnetic waves. Some drives can only read the disks but more developed ones are able to record.
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How To Identify The Components Inside Your Computer