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Principal's Message

Principal's Message - Moye Sept. 18, 2020

Lion News

Lion News: Sept. 18, 2020


- Join the WMS PTO today! There are no volunteer requirements. Register on the WMS PTO website.

- Our WMS PTO is selling Happy Birthday messages on the WMS homepage to help celebrate your student. Purchase on the WMS PTO website.

Library Book Return

Bring your library books back! Please look for your books and place them in the book returns located in the library. 6th graders can return books from their elementary school here at WMS. Virtual students can drop off library books in the WMS foyer. Late fees will be deleted. Thank you!

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Congratulations, WMS Chamber Orchestra!

Join us in congratulating our Woodcreek Chamber Orchestra from 2019-2020 on being named a Commended Winner in The Foundation for Music Education Mark of Excellence / National Orchestra Honors project! We are honored to be on the list with some of the best programs in the state/nation!


The Mark of Excellence project seeks to recognize and award outstanding achievement in performance by high school and middle school bands, choirs and orchestras. The project gathers entries from throughout the United States and provides valuable feedback for all entrants. A unique competitive environment is created which allows ensembles to compare their performance quality to other outstanding groups from across the country. The top 25% of entrants are recognized as National Winners, with the second 25% named as Commended Winners. All entrants receive a compilation recording of the winning performances. Winners are recognized in regional and/or national publications and at national and regional conventions. It is hoped the adjudicator critiques and the compilation recordings will prove helpful in improving performances and will spread knowledge of quality literature.

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Drama Club

All students are invited to our first information meeting for DRAMA CLUB on Thursday morning @ 7:45. Virtual students can email for the Zoom code.

What do we do? We play drama games, make friends, have gatherings, and eat! We work collaboratively to build a GREAT drama department! We accept everyone for their unique selves and try to have a DRAMATICALLY fun time!

Benefits of joining

-Opportunities to build SELF CONFIDENCE


-Encourages students to show EMPATHY, COMPASSION, & TOLERANCE for others


AND OF COURSE. . . . .

DRAMA IS FUN! Drama brings elements of play, humor, and laughter to those who participate. Drama also MOTIVATES and REDUCES STRESS!!

Athletics Schedules

Click here to find Cross Country, Volleyball, and Football Schedules.


Schoology Support Website: We are continuously updating our Schoology Support website. Please find tutorials and troubleshooting tips for frequently asked questions.

No Microwaves

In order to keep our students safe and adhere to the COVID-19 requirements, microwaves will NOT be available during lunches.

Dress Code

  • Shorts and skirts must be longer than finger tips when standing straight up

  • Spandex and leggings must be covered by a long shirt or jacket over backside

  • No Crop tops

  • No Spaghetti Straps

  • No Sagging

  • Earrings are permitted on boys and girls (Ears only, No other piercings allowed)

Counselor's Corner

WMS Counselor Newsletter

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