Because of How Good You Are...

Letter to Staff

Dr. Mike Daria

Dear TCS Colleagues,

We are going to have an amazing 2020-2021 school year.

Welcome back! I am so glad to begin another school year with such an amazing group of colleagues who are all purpose-driven and committed to the TCS mission of high expectations for each and every student.

Let's give our students the year they deserve. Our students have been out of school entirely too long. We all agree that our students need to be back in school, but this circumstance is not allowing us to do our work in a traditional way. As of today, we have 42% of our students enrolled in year-long virtual school. I am worried about the possible impact this is going to have for students who are not in our schools, especially our most vulnerable learners. We aim to return the remaining 58% of our students to our campuses as soon as possible. Regardless of the method of teaching, we must still remain committed to "High expectations for each and every student to achieve personal, academic, and career excellence." Our parents are counting on us to provide the same high-quality teaching that they have been accustomed to seeing prior to now. Our students need us to provide the most "normal" education with positive relationships, strong instruction, rigorous learning experiences, and a whole lot of love and care. Please join me in making this year an incredible year for the students we serve in spite of the current circumstance.

History truly will has its eyes on us, and I feel certain that we will prove to be a bright spot in the way we will not lower our expectations for the success of our students. Please prepare for an uncertain year, but let's never take our eyes off of the goal: high expectations for each and every student.

Work Hours and Locations

We are all following regular work hours and locations. During this time, we will collect input and perspective through our system principals on how best to arrange work hours and locations during the opening weeks of school. We also need to finalize the work locations/times for full-year virtual teachers. Important to us in this decision are the following items:

  • Developing and maintaining high-quality instruction for virtual learning.
  • Maintaining strong collaboration and communication with all school and system members.
  • Providing in-person instruction or services when needed.
  • Accommodating, when possible, for individual employee needs per the accommodations, request forms submitted to HR.

We will move to decisions on this in the coming weeks.


Masks Required. This serves as an ongoing reminder of the requirement for all TCS employees to wear a mask. The only time we can remove the mask is when you are in your classroom (or other room) by yourself. Should we have a positive case, you will be called by HR if you are close to the person, and they will ask you if you were wearing your mask. We need all TCS employees to be protected by wearing a mask.

Social Distance. Remember to maintain social distance at all times. We should not be in meetings or in spaces where we are not practicing the 6ft rule. This is so important.

Wash hands regularly. Please take the time to regularly wash your hands.

Notification if not well. Remember to notify your direct supervisor if you are not feeling well. It is important that you conduct the health screening for yourself each day.

Notification if exposed or positive. Remember to notify your supervisor if you have tested positive or been exposed to a positive. We have a set procedure based on the Alabama Department of Health Back to School Toolkit that we follow for each case.

Personal Protective Equipment. At this time, you should have in your possession or access to a face shield, masks, and cleaning wipes. If you need anything, please see your principal/supervisor. We want to make sure you have all the PPE needed for you to take safety precautions.

Items being ordered. We are in the process of ordering walk-through scanners that take temperatures as well as digital thermometers. These will be used when students and staff enter our schools. We are also ordering humidifiers for each classroom.

Accommodation Forms

Dr. Cameron and Ms. Scott are continuing to review and respond to the employee accommodation forms. Thanks for your patience as they work through each one.


Mike Daria, Ed.D