6th Grade Weekly Newsletter

Mrs. Mitchell, Mrs. Richardson, and Mrs. Romine

Important Information!!

We hope you have enjoyed the snow and long weekend! We are so happy to see warmer weather today and in the coming weeks.

*Tomorrow is a 1/2 day for students! (7:45am-11:30am)

*Due to the snow, Tuesday (March 10th) is the last day of the 3rd Quarter.

*Field Trip! On April 7th, the 6th grade students will be visiting the Parthenon in Nashville. We will be leaving school at 7:45am and returning to school around 11:45am. All students will need to bring a packed lunch to eat when we return to school.

*As we begin preparation for 7th grade, today will be the last day for the Newsletter. During the 4th Quarter, please look for Remind 101 texts and direct e-mails from teachers for any important information.

*Math lab is each Tuesday afternoon from 3:00-3:55pm. This week, math lab will be in Mrs. Mitchell's classroom.

3rd Quarter:

*AR Goals - 100,000 Words by the end of the Quarter, and a percentage of at least 85% on the tests.
*AM Goals - 16 (total) objectives by March 10th.

*Please check the Practice Average and Test Average on a daily basis!

*RenWeb grades are updated weekly. Please check for missing work and grades each week.

Test Schedule (March 9-13)

Monday - Social Studies - Bullet Points 2-4 for World's Fair project due. (These were originally due this past Friday.) Also, Conjunction Quiz for English.
Tuesday - AOW due!
Friday - Math Test (Chapter 10), Bible Test (Luke 8-18)

Upcoming Events

March 9 - 1/2 Day
March 10 - End of 3rd Quarter
March 17 - Report Cards
March 18 - World's Fair
March 19 - MTCS Experience Day
March 20 - Fine Arts Day
April 7 - Field Trip to the Parthenon

Contact Information: