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May 29, 2020

World Language Update

“If you don’t use it, you lose it.” We have all heard this expression and it especially rings true in the field of language learning. Language will deteriorate if it is not practiced and used. In our BHS World Language classrooms, interpersonal communication has been an integral part of our curriculum and with the shutdown, both students and teachers have been impacted by the loss of listening and speaking practice. Fortunately, because of today’s technology, students still have many tools at their fingertips so they can continue to develop these skills. As we work towards next year, we hope to build our language program as we have done in the past. Now, more than ever, it is important that students spend a little time each week on their world language, even during the summer.

Language learning should be fun and stress-free. Here are some ideas that students and their families can use to help keep their language skills fresh for the fall—with enough practice, you will not only maintain the language you have learned thus far, but you will improve your skills and gain more confidence in using the language. We hope you have fun with these ideas:

  • Play video games in a different language—here is an example of an author Benny Lewis, practicing Spanish, French, Portuguese and English in the video game DOOM:
  • Practice with a native speaker: Skype, Pen-pal, FaceTime, chat on the cell or just hang out in person.
  • Listen to a Podcast. Coffee break is an excellent site for this: or listen to news in slow Spanish, German, Italian or French.
  • Listen to music in the language, make a playlist and put it on when driving, working out or doing chores. Karaoke is also great practice for pronunciation and vocabulary building—put the lyrics on a video and sing along! is a website where world language songs can be turned into a fun game.
  • Memorize a nursery rhyme, watch a children’s video (Goldilocks, Three Little Pigs), listen to a children’s audiobook or watch a favorite Disney movie with subtitles and audio track in your target language. Memorize a tongue-twister or learn a joke.
  • Go on a Netflix binge—there are so many foreign films, series and programs available on Netflix and other television programs/channels.
  • Use Libby with our local Bellingham library, check out a book in your language or listen to an audio program. (Libby set-up: ) There will not be a physical library card issued. The student’s barcode is the letters “BE” followed by their 10 digit student ID. The pin is 1234. Find answers to FAQs at
  • Keep fit: Follow a keep fit video in your chosen language, learn a dance or do yoga…YouTube is awesome!
  • Cook: Follow a recipe in your language of study and treat your family.
  • Duolingo- It’s free and takes only a couple of minutes each day. Many of you have also used Quizlet and Quia.
  • Keep a diary or journal in your language. Write a poem or a story in the language.
  • Change your phone to your language and text people who also speak the language to get in some quick practice.

We are proud of how hard our World Language students have worked. Keep it up this summer and stay healthy and well! We miss you.

Kenkou o iji suru!! Mark Wright

¡Manténganse en buena salud! Brian Powell, Lori French, Janae Hodge, and Sarah Joslin

Restez en bonne santé ! Svetlana Cuello

Bleib gesund und lass es dir gut gehen ❤️ Kara Bezanson

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BHS - This Week in Video

This week, we take a break from our normal Red Raider Report for a BHS rendition of SGN:

Check out these other videos we highlighted this week:

WE [bridge] BHS:

WE [swim] BHS:

WE [wrestle] BHS:

WE [senior night] BHS:

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Device and Diploma Update

Dear seniors and families,

Thank you so much for your participation in the cap and gown delivery over the past few days. Our staff loved seeing you—we have missed you so much! We saw decorated vehicles, fun posters of appreciation for our seniors and our staff, and smiles of joy (plus a few tears). Thank you also for being so respectful of social distancing protocols.

Now that you have your caps and gowns, we want to share a new piece of the graduation puzzle that we have been working on, with input from students, families, district staff, and Whatcom Unified Command.

As you know, our county remains in Phase 1, and anything we plan for you needs to comply with the Phase 1 health and safety protocols. Even though it just plain stinks that we can’t give all of you big hugs or gather together on our campus like so many classes before, we know that the health of our community is more important.

In the afternoon of Thursday, June 11, each high school will host a Walk the Stage celebration. Similar to the cap and gown pickup, we invite households to drive through our parking lot where there will be stations to return any materials you may still have at home and walk across an outdoor stage to receive your diploma. Families will be able to watch and take photos from a safe distance. We encourage you to wear your cap and gown.

This will still be followed by our live stream virtual graduation ceremonies on Friday, June 12 at 6 p.m. (Quick reminder to make sure to send in your pictures to by May 31.

We will share more specific details and times for this celebration with you soon, but please mark your calendar for June 11 to take care of a few farewell items and Walk the Stage as a Bellingham Public Schools graduate.

Before June 11, please collect the following, and bring with you to Walk the Stage.

  • Device, charger, stylus and laptop bag
  • Textbooks and library books
  • Art supplies
  • Instruments
  • Athletic uniforms
  • Payment for any ASB fines and fees. (These payments can also be made online.)

You may also choose to drop off notes for staff and/or locks for the art projects at this time.

Please continue to check your email and social media for your school and the district. As we have learned many times over since our closure in March, guidance and circumstances can change quickly, so stay tuned for updates.


The BHS Admin Team – Chris Carlson, Joseph Doucette, and Linda Wise Miller

Senior Exit Survey

Please go to or use this QR code to take our annual exit survey of outgoing seniors. The survey is confidential and the results will remain anonymous.

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Note for seniors: lunch account balance

Graduating seniors with a remaining lunch account balance of $10 or greater will be receiving lunch account reimbursements, which will be mailed to the address we currently have on file. If you would like to transfer your remaining lunch account funds to a sibling or if you would like to donate all or a portion of your lunch account funds to the Bellingham Public Schools Foundation, please follow this link to our online request form. If you are unsure of your lunch account balance, please login to your MyPaymentsPlus account at or email

Teacher Office Hours - Spring 2020

Students: Do you have questions for your teachers? Get answers during office hours via email, Teams, or Zoom. Teachers are available at set hours each week to answer questions and support students in real time.

View the schedule.

Voter Registration Information for Students and Families

Are you 18? Have you registered to vote?

Are you 17? Is your birthday on or before November 3, 2020? Have you registered to vote?

The League of Women Voters encourages all Bellingham High School students to register and to VOTE!

Are you 16? Did you know that through the Future Voter Program, you can register as a future voter, and your registration will automatically take effect when you turn 18?

Student Technology Help Desk - Office Hour

Students: Need help troubleshooting educational technology in this era of distance learning? Complete this Form and we'll invite you to join us at the Student Technology Help Desk at 4 pm on Wednesday afternoon. Mr. Balsiger, Mr. Bachmeier, and a group of experienced BHS Technology Help Desk students will be available to help answer your technology questions in real time.

Check out weekly wellness tips from Bellingham Public Schools

On Wellness Wednesdays, new activities and tips are shared to promote wellness and self-care among our staff and families.

We call these the Big 4 for Wellness because they include the four categories of mental/emotional health, physical activity, social connection and personal reflection. The current tips include using a pomodoro timer to remember to take breaks and information about the daily mile!

Follow the weekly posts on Facebook or Instagram or visit!

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Habitat for Humanity Reopening

The Habitat for Humanity Restore is entering phase one of opening to the public. This includes continuing pickup donations and launching an online retail store. They will not be accepting drop off donations. To schedule a free curbside pickup for your gently used goods you can visit the Habitat for Humanity Bellingham website or call in. While you are at the website, make sure to check out the online retail store. Selling everything from home improvement, electronics, furniture and much more. We are all practicing the recommended procedures to keep you safe. We ensure you that the community’s well-being is our top priority. Thank you so much for supporting local, and if you have any questions feel free to call (360) 778-2036. Make sure to stay tuned for phase two of opening to the public.

Career and Community Events

Career Center News

Look at the the Scholarship Bulletin Some deadlines have been extended and scholarship offers for all grade levels are now included.

Take a Virtual College Tour!

There are new student resources on the Career Center web page.

Questions? I am still here for you.


The Northwest Youth Corps is recruiting mostly high school students 16+ for Summer paid internships programs. They are taking applications through their website at, the link attached will allow students to register an account, then apply.