DNA experiment

Banana and Pea DNA

Science Content

Our Question: Do bananas have more DNA then peas?

Experiment steps:

1. Get materials

2. Blend peas and banana. Make sure to use same amount of water, salt, and organism

3. Strain peas and banana and place in cup

4. Add soap and sit for 5-10 min... We let it set for a full ten minutes

5. Add enzyme (meat tenderizer) and stir gently then move to test tube

6. Add alcohol solution slowly

7. Observe and compare DNA's

Investigation Content

We found that the DNA of the peas was more noticeable than that of the banana. There was more and had bigger strands of DNA. Possible errors could be our measurements were off or that we didn't break down the cell membrane enough on the banana.


The peas ended up having more DNA than the banana. The banana had less DNA and was harder to see than the peas. We found out that the peas only had 14 chromosomes and the banana had 23 chromosomes. During our investigation we must have did something wrong possible measuring error or we didn't break down the banana good enough causing us to see less DNA. In the future we could blend the banana longer to break it up more making it easier to see DNA.