Google Drive

how to create a shared folder

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New Lesson Format

From this point on, ALL LESSONS will look the same, yes ALL SUBJECTS! This means you will see the following headings in every PALCS lesson:

  • Essential Question
  • Target Problem
  • Objectives
  • Key Terms
  • Instruction
  • Assessment
  • Extra Resources
  • Extending

Wonderful World of Google

Before you begin, you will first need to be familiar with Google Drive and Google Docs.

Step ONE: Creating a shared folder

Some lessons will include a worksheet that uses Google Docs or you may have to create a presentation. BYE BYE Libre Office! :) This means you will have to create a folder in your google drive to store all your assignments. It is very important that this folder be shared with your teacher.

Google does a good job of storing and securing your work. BUT, if you do not give your teacher the "rights" to your documents, they will not be able to view/grade and give you credit for your hard work.

Watch the video below on how to create your shared folder (make sure you share with your assigned teacher):

How to create a shared folder:

Google Folders

Your Assignment:

1. Create a google folder to share with your teacher (refer back to the video on how)

2. Practice turning in an assignment: Make a copy and answer the questions in the google document.
*Don't forget to move the doc into your new google folder.

Turn Your Assignment In:

Now that you have:

  1. Made a copy of the Google Doc
  2. SAVED it CORRECTLY (LastnameFirstinial_Assignment)
  3. Completed the assignment
  4. Moved it into your SHARED Google Biology Folder

To turn it in, all you need to do is COPY/PASTE the URL into the online text box in moodle

DONE! How easy was that?? :)

Making a copy of future worksheets:

How to Make a copy