Levi Jeans Globalization

How they get to me

The Raw Materials

Cotton, Copper, Wool, Elasthan

Where The Materials Are Found

Cotton: India, Mississippi, China

Copper: Chile

Wool: New Zealand

Elastham: Australia

Where Levis Are Manufactured

All of the raw materials are sent to Egypt to be manufactured.

How The Jeans Get To Me

First all the raw materials are sent to Egypt where they are manufactured. Then the jeans are sent to the Alexandria Port where they are shipped to the Port of Miami. After that the jeans are flown to the Levi warehouse near Las Vegas, Nevada. Then after that they are either flown or driven to Levi stores across the country (in my case the Levi store in Kittery Maine). Finally I would take the jeans home.

Product-Supply Map

Here is a link to get to the map:


Explanation of Map: First all of the raw materials are sent to Egypt where they are manufactured and made into Levi Jeans. Then the jeans are sent to The Port Of Alexandria to be shipped to The Port of Miami. When the Jeans Reach Miami they are flown or driven to the Levi warehouse right outside of Las Vegas, Nevada to be stored and shipped across the country. The Jeans are sent to a Levi store in Kittery, ME to be bought buy consumers. then I would drive to the store in Kittery to buy a couple pairs of Jeans then I would drive home to use the Jeans.

The 4 Categories of Globalization/ A Problem With Each Category

Technology = A major problem would be, the company relies on technology so much that if their system crashed or was hacked they would not be able to sell products for a a longed period of time.

Economics = A major problem would be, not knowing how much to sell, where to sell, how much to sell for. this would be a problem because the world wide economy is always changing.

Culture = A major problem would be, In certain religions the Levi jeans may not be allowed because the Elastam comes from animals and so does wool. So if a certain religion believes that taking resources from animals is wrong and most of the population of that certain country is that religion and that religion is against the product, the product would not sell well.

Environmental = A major problem would be, if the manufacturing plant uses non-eco friendly ways in processing the raw materials it could destroy the eco system

A Solution to Culture

One solution would be to use different materials so the people in that religion would start to buy the product and they would be able to sell more jeans in that area now. The second solution would be just to not focus as much on that area meaning try to sell in other places. These solutions are viable because there are some countries that may not accept this item because of religion, so if you get rid of the reason for people to not but the jeans or you stop selling in that area and focus on other areas you would most likely fix the problem and make more profits.

Why I Chose Levi Jeans

I chose Levi Jeans because it is a clothing item I wear on a daily basis and I thought it would be interesting to see how Levis are made and distributed.

How Levi Jeans Play a Role in My Daily Life

I wear them almost every single day and well yeah there my pants.