Small As An Elephant

Book Connection Project by Rebecca Fahnoe

by Jennifer Richard Jacobson

Jack knows what being unpredictable is all about...he knows it all too well. When he awakes the first morning of a treasured camping trip with his mom, he is hit with the realization that his unpredictable mom has most likely wandered off again in a flurry of chaos and uncertainty.

Left on his own, with little money for food and even less of a charge on his cell phone, Jack digs deep to find a determination he didn't know he had. A determination to continue his journey with courage, intelligence and a sense of calm while a storm brews about.

Jack's wits are tested as are the memories he holds dear as a child. Along the way, Jack learns to trust and soon discovers he was never really alone. Similar to the animal that has captivated Jack since he was a small boy (the elephant), Jack realizes that he does indeed belong.... he, in fact, belongs to a larger herd after all.

themes and suggested booklists :

Jack's adventure captured in Jacobson's beautifully crafted work touches readers' hearts as it touches on many appealing and relatable themes. The theme of Family Life brings the connection family members have with one another. The theme of Survival keeps readers turning pages as Jack's uncertain next move looms over the storyline. Jack's intuitions and Self Reliance inspire young readers to hang tight to hope and have the confidence to persevere. In addition, Jack's Courage when faced with doubt, despair and uncertainly serves as an inspiration to young readers. Jack's adventure is, in every sense of the word, a Journey. He travels on this journey both in the sense that he is searching and looking for his mother but he is also looking for deeper answers to struggles he's faced for many years. Finally, Jack's love and appreciation for Elephants serves as a guide throughout this book.

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